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August 9-10, 2022​


The Frontier Summit is a curated two-day event bringing together thought leaders, founders and investors. This intimate event includes meaningful discussions on frontier technology, how we are shaping the future of the Metaverse and Web3 to make an impact on our lives, and how we will unlock a new innovation economy. Our host city, Vancouver, BC, is rapidly becoming a globally-leading Metaverse, Web3 hub and frontier technology innovation ecosystem.


Against the backdrop of beautiful British Columbia, the Frontier Summit isn’t your normal tech event: it’s about purpose, connection and creating an experience that we hope will leave you in awe. The bifactor of this will lead to innovation opportunities, investments, whitepapers, and inspiration.


Frontier technologies are thriving in this region. Vancouver has the second largest VR/AR/Metaverse industry globally, second largest AI industry nationally, second largest cleantech industry nationally, and a world-leading cluster of film, television, gaming, VFX and animation firms including Disney, Microsoft, Electronic Arts (EA), Sony Pictures, and Imageworks.

We are home to pioneers in robotics, quantum computing, and biotech with the global antibody leader Abcellera, and in blockchain technologies with the homegrown unicorn Layerzero. We are producing exponentially more frontier tech ‘unicorns’ (companies with billion dollar valuations) every year.


We have become an ecosystem of builders and innovators. And we’re at a once-in-a-generation opportunity to recognize the presence of these future-shaping technologies, drive their growth, and propel them along with Vancouver to the global stage.



Networking Opportunities

Join thought leaders, founders and investors for meaningful discussions on frontier technology, shaping the future of the Metaverse and Web3, and how we will unlock a new innovation economy.

Dinner & Reception on the Water

We’ll kick off Frontier Summit’s first evening with a private Welcome Reception. Mix and mingle with fellow leaders, local founders and influencers as we cruise along the picturesque West Coast.

Outdoor Connections

A visit up the Sea to Sky Gondola provides a stunning backdrop for networking and building connections. We’ll mix in mountaintop hiking with insightful discussions and delicious food to give you the full BC experience.

rooftop dinner.jpg

West Coast Dinner & Closing Party

After our second day, we’ll meet with locals and guests on the rooftop of a secret location for a unique dinner featuring the best of local Pacific Northwest cuisine and cocktails. 


...and more!

Throughout our time together, you’ll get a sense of the true flavor of the Pacific Northwest. We’ll feature stories from unique local businesses as well as curated menus from top BC chefs. ​

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9:00 - 17:00 Industry Sessions

18:00 - 22:00 Welcome Reception



9:00 - 11:00 Morning Sessions 

11:00 - 17:00 Outdoor Activities 

19:00 - 23:00 Dinner + Closing Reception 


Marco DeMiroz

Co-founder and General Partner, The Venture Reality Fund

Teppei Tsutsui

Managing Partner, GFR Fund

Amy Peck

CEO, EndeavorXR

Ashley Smith

Bored Becky, Fame Lady Squad

Katreena Tecson

Head of Partnerships, CocoNFT

Steve Mitobe

Co-Founder & CEO, West Coast NFT

Lucas Wilson.JPG

Preston Woo

CFO and Head of Strategy, Tafi and Daz3D

Anthonia Ogundele

Founder, Ethos Lab

Yoshiaki Tanaka

Senior Director, Softbank

Pocket Sun

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, SoGal Ventures

Dan Burgar

Co-Founder & CEO, Frontier Collective and Co-Founder, Shape

Lucas Wilson

Founder & CEO, Supersphere

Image from iOS (92).jpg

Armando Matijević

Founder/CEO, SplitX

Claudio Rojas

CEO, National Angel Capital Organization


Enara Nazarova

VP of Metaverse at Hype Partners


Chris Neumann

Partner, Panache Ventures

Winston Choe_square_closeup-1.jpg

Winston Choe

Entrepreneur-in-Residence & Innovation Business Development Director, LG NOVA


Ryan Wang

Co-founder, Zebra Labs; Founding Partner, Outpost Capital

Brandon Harper

Head Product Designer, Genies

Kimberlee Archer

Global Head of AR, Snap

Paisley Smith

Filmmaker & VR Creator, Unity Technologies

Benny Giang

Co-founder, Future Primitive

Tobias Chen

Co-Founder, Mirage

Erik Ashdown

Head of Ecosystem, Covalent

photo_2022-07-17 12.22.06 (1).jpeg

Bryan Pellegrino

Co-Founder, LayerZero

Andrew Zhong

Co-founder and CEO, Revar

Sara Johnston



Carol Anne Hilton

Yassine Tahi

CEO & Founder, Indigenomics Institute & Global Center of Indigenomics

CEO, Kinetix

Dr. Danny Goel

CEO, Precision OS

Headshot, Kate Wilson.JPG
unnamed (2).png

Shivam Kishore

 Co-founder, Frontier Collective & Co-lead Digital Transformation & Sustainability United Nations (UN)

Kate Wilson

Blake Finucane

Shintaro Yamakami

Handol Kim

Tipatat Chennavasin

Managing Editor, Vancouver Tech Journal

Chief Strategy Officer, Pluto Digital & Lead Advisor, Resurgence

CEO at Colopl Next, Inc.

 Co-Founder & CEO, Variational AI

General Partner, The Venture Reality Fund

Sarah Ennis.png
Daisuke profile pic[9].jpeg
Diane Guo.png

Sarah Ennis

MBA, Global Director, Innovation & Strategic Partnerships, Intergalactic

James Basnett

Daisuke Iwase

Ali Adab

Dorian Banks

Diane Guo

CEO, Shape Immersive

Co-Founder & CEO, KLKTN

Chief Content Officer, SoleSavy

CEO, House of Kibaa

Co-Founder, Metalistings Technology

Annee Park.jpg
Hussein Halak Photo 4[44].jpg
Cynthia Huang Headshot - Dtravel[3].jpeg
CHeller Headshot[2].jpg

Teek Mach

Artist, Antimattered

Frederique Rioux

Annee Park

Hussein Hallak

Cynthia Huang

Christina Heller

Founder & President, Voice Influence

Founder of F3 & F3STIVAL

Founder & CEO, Next Decentrum Technologies Inc

Head of Growth, Dtravel

CEO, Metastage

stacie portrait wide1[7].jpg
alex no logo 2[25].jpeg
Angela Robert Bio Photo - Hi Res.jpg
Jo Dunlop.PNG
Matias Marquez[6].jpg

Stacie Ant

Alex Beim

Angela Robert

Jo Dunlop

Matias Marquez

Daniel Prado

Creative Director, Co-Founder of XELEVEN

Founder, Tangible

CEO, Conquer Experience

Strategy, BD & Communications, Cloudhead Games

CEO, ethosNFT

Technology Director, XR Immersive Tech


Carmilla Sumantry

Multidisciplinary Artist & Designer 


Tony Parisi

Metaverse Pioneer, Entrepreneur, Author, Musician

Janelle Hraiki.jpg

Janelle Chalouhi

CEO & Co-founder of Venusverse

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